Learn more about our recommended area rug care tips below!

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Area rugs will require basic care and maintenance to continue to look great and function well on a daily basis. 

Vacuuming your area rug regularly will help ensure that it always looks its best. By vacuuming, you are working to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that are present in the fibers of the rug. This debris could build up over time and lead to premature aging and a lackluster/weathered appearance. How often you vacuum will depend on the wear and tear and traffic that your area rug receives. 

It is always recommended that you remove shoes before walking across your area rug as well. 

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For solid messes, like dirt and debris, vacuum them up immediately when present on your area rug. The longer dirt is left to sit, the more likely it is to work its way into the fibers, causing long-term damage. When a solid or liquid accident occurs on your rug, the best practice is to address it immediately. That is the best way to mitigate possible damage or lingering effects. 

Rug Spill | Sanford Carpet & Flooring


A spill on your area rug does not necessarily need to lead to stain. The key is to act fast when an accident occurs. When you have a liquid spill on your rug, grab a cloth and immediately absorb the mess. From there, you can obtain another cloth and dab at the spill with cold water. If the spill persists, contact your manufacturer for approved area rug cleaning solutions.