Learn more about maintaining your hardwood floors from our care guide below. 

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Hardwood is a notoriously easy-to-maintain flooring option for your home. By following our care guide outlined below, you can help to establish a maintenance routine that works best for you and your home. 

For hard surface flooring options like hardwood, daily sweeping is the best way to keep your floors looking pristine. When you sweep, you help to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm your hardwood floors and cause them to take on a lackluster look. Sweeping daily is the best way to ensure your hardwood floors look their best, but ultimately how often you decide to sweep is up to you. 

Hardwood floors may be damp mopped for a deeper clean as well. It is important that when you do this that you ensure your mop is damp and not wet. A wet mop on hardwood flooring could lead to warping and water damage. 

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For solid messes like dirt and other debris, sweep them up with a broom to avoid potential future damage. While dirt/debris on your hardwood won't cause any immediate issues, if left there for an extended period, it could bring on premature aging and possible scratching. Address solid or liquid messes as they occur to limit damage and future issues. 

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Hardwood is not as vulnerable to liquid spills as soft surface flooring options might be. With that said, if a liquid spill occurs on your hardwood flooring, you should always clean up immediately to eliminate the possibility of damage to your hardwood or the subflooring beneath. When a liquid spill is present, grab a cloth and wipe it up in a timely manner. It's that easy.