Follow our laminate care guide for best practices in maintaining your laminate floors. 

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Laminate floors should not require too much care and maintenance to look their best. By following our care guide outlined below, you can help to establish a laminate maintenance routine that works best for you. 

With laminate, actively sweeping your floors is the best way to keep them looking pristine. When you sweep regularly, you help to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris that can lead to premature aging and a lackluster appearance. How often you need to sweep your laminate floors will depend on the foot traffic they receive. It is recommended that you sweep your laminate floors every few days, at a minimum. 

You can also wet mop your laminate floors for a deeper clean as needed. When mopping, work to ensure that the mop is damp and not soaking wet. A soaking wet mop could lead to water damage on your laminate. 

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As mentioned above, dirt and other debris can be handled by way of a broom. Depending on the amount of foot traffic your laminate receives, you may need to sweep every day, or it could be every couple of days. When and if a solid mess takes place or you spot dirt on your floors, it's always a best practice to sweep up the mess right away to avoid the possibility of lingering issues. 

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Laminate is not overly vulnerable to liquid spills and water damage if you act fast. When a liquid accident takes place, wipe it up in a timely manner to avoid long-term damage to your laminate or the subflooring beneath. No matter what the mess, it is always recommended that you address it immediately to limit the possibility of future damage.